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Our Team

A.Collins Consulting is a unique, energetic, and inventive boutique firm that brings a unique mix of creativity, drive, and business acumen to a diverse array of clients.  We are proud to have a savvy mixture of talent that produces consistent results and is committed to providing each client with the personalized attention and dedication that they deserve. 

Our Goal

We believe in a unique and customized consulting experience for each and every client because each company is unique. We deliver custom solutions, tailored to you--your industry, your culture, your one-of-a-kind challenges.    

Our Mission

We successfully break the mold of a traditional business consulting firm by fusing multiple services in a bold approach that combines creativity, expertise, strategic abilities, intellectual capital, individualized expertise that has kept us on a unique path of success. 

Our Services

Business Development

The birth of a new business venture or the expansion of an established business requires a tremendous amount of creativity, energy and money. At A.Collins, we provide clients with a one-stop shop for comprehensive business development and consulting solutions. 

Community Development

A.Collins can help you navigate the challenging realities of realizing your vision for social change - assisting clients as a "change agent" to inspire people to work together, while providing support with rigorous research, data analysis, and financial modeling.

Government Relations

A.Collins assist clients with management of regulatory processes; structuring legislative and political strategies; developing presentations to community boards and political bodies; and facilitating connections to industry and service provider contacts.  

Human Resources

A.Collins offers comprehensive solutions and expert resources to help you manage your workforce and be compliant with the ever-changing employment laws and regulations. We can assume full HR operations through outsourcing services or complement your existing HR department by providing technology and expert resources. 

Political Consulting

In today’s political climate, your campaign strategy must include an online presence that is both dynamic and persistent. Staying in-line with your overall campaign goals and strategies, our goal is to build a winning strategy that works in concert with other campaign efforts as part of an overall, cohesive whole. A.Collins consists of media experts with backgrounds in communications, policital science, online and offline marketing, reputation management, and campaign consulting. 

Public Relations

A.Collins has built great relationships with bloggers, newspapers, TV producers and magazine editors and know how to get your story to the top of the latest news feeds. We can turn any story into newsworthy information. We have ways to finesse words on a page like never seen before!

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